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Annual General Meeting 7 July 2018

President's Report

Good Morning and Welcome

This morning I have the privilege of presenting our report on the past year in the Association.

The Association continues to enjoy a sound financial footing small, committed and reasonably stable membership with some significant achievements in the 12 months just passed.

As many of you will recall a special meeting of the membership held on 15 January resolved to change the name of the association and, during February, the NSW Department of Fair Trading registered our new name as the Burrawang and Wildes Meadow Community Association Incorporated. This evolution also prompted a change in the Association logo and a process to significantly improve the Association's presence on the Village website. Thanks are due to Karen Ortado for prompting our action in this and supporting our efforts to getting it done.

Reviewing the year three particular achievements stand out.

  • Completion of phase 1 of the Hoddle Street Playground renovation
  • The inauguration of an annual community picnic day to be held each October
  • The finalization of a Welcome Package designed to help orient people new to the area to the locality and services

Unfortunately, our efforts to raise the approx. $30,000 for phase 2 of the playground redevelopment have not been successful but Bec Duffy is leading this effort with vigour and determination and I'm confident that it's only a matter of time before she is successful and we see a substantial augmentation of the high quality facilities there.

The picnic day held last October was a relatively low-key and comfortable affair and was very much enjoyed by the 30 or so families who participated. Especially good was the presence of quite a number of newer residents to our area and we were unanimous in concluding that this somewhat experimental effort was worth continuing on an annual basis. Erica Leeming was especially energetic in leading the sub-committee taking responsibility for organising this.

Our semi-annual meetings with the Council's General Manager and her Deputies have continued and remain a particularly effective way of representing our views on local issues and pursuing significant local issues. It's impossible to gauge to what extent our representations accelerated the much needed rebuilding of the first 600 m of Church Street. However, these meetings ensured that we were able to keep the need for the work in front of Council's senior decision makers.

I'm very happy to report to you – the members of the association – that the functioning and governance of the Association is extremely healthy. The Committee functions in a very efficient and harmonious manner. The workload is very well distributed across the Committee members with small sub-committees taking responsibility for organising and delivering significant efforts such as the Welcome Pack, Picnic Day, Website and logo refreshing and others. It is very easy to be President when there is such terrific and willing contributions from the committee.

The Burrawang Herald continues to be very much the jewel in the crown of the association. It is hugely valued and appreciated by residents, visitors and business owners in the area and plays an important role in knitting the community together. This success owes a great deal to the energetic leadership of Liz Varley who not only produces a great quarterly journal but does so in a fully self-sustaining manner financially. Great job Liz. I also want to acknowledge the local businesses who make this possible by advertising in the Herald especially Mick Maloney, the Burrawang Hotel and the Café.

You will shortly receive a financial report from our Treasurer, Bec Duffy who will provide you with information on the finances of the Association. Without pre-empting her report, I want to take this opportunity to note that the very healthy financial position is very much due to the frugal and disciplined manner in which Bec has managed our funds.

This has been an easy report to give as it is mostly good news which is a result of the superb efforts of the committee. We have a terrific committee drawn from a very representative selection of activities and interests which make up our locality. I want to express my deep appreciation of every one of you some of whom I've mentioned by name, but everyone has more than pulled their weight.

Our Secretary Liz Johnson will not be seeking to continue on the committee and I want to make special mention of her skilled and diligent work as Secretary. We have been well served indeed. I would also like to thank John Lewis who will also be stepping down from the committee after many years of contributing to the Association's work as will Annella Wheatly after a short but energetic tenure.

In closing, I want to extend a special thank you to you the members. There are only about 70 or so families who take on the burden of supporting the work of the committee through your membership contribution and other contributions. It's interesting to see that the Burrawang Herald reaches some 350 to 500 people while a much smaller number maintain the association through their membership. I consider that in doing this, you make a very valuable contribution to the community.

This will be my last term as President and I thank you all for making it such an enjoyable time.


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