Rural Fire Brigade

For all Emergencies call 000

Burrawang Rural Fire Brigade Contacts

Phillipa Drewett - 0248864171
Col Munro - 0421568754
Sr Deputy Captain
Steven Horton - 0428612183
Deputy Captain
Mark Compton - 0413446055

Brigade email: brfb@bigpond.com

Brigade Activities and Membership

The Burrawang Rural Fire Brigade meets every Wednesday night at the Burrawang Fire Station Hoddle Street Burrawang commencing at 07:30pm. The Brigade is regularly called upon to assist with fire safety at motor vehicle accidents, house fires, pile burns, and grass and forest fires. The Brigade is also actively involved in helping the community prepare for fire emergencies.

Membership of the Burrawang Brigade has grown significantly over the past few years and the Brigade benefits from a structured training program, opportunities for deployment and involvement in regional wide activities.

If you are interested in becoming a member or simply want to see how the brigade works you are welcome to visit the station any Wednesday night from 07:30pm until 08:30pm or contact Col Munro on 0421568754.

Fire Season Details

The fire season commences on 1st October each year and continues until 30th March the following year.

During this period you are required to obtain a Fire Permit to conduct any type of burning outdoors. To obtain a permit please contact Fire Control on 0248685500 or Burrawang Captain Col Munro on 0421568754.

The Importance of a Clean Chimney

Creosote and other deposits can build up within chimneys over time and reduce the chimney's capacity to draw increasing the risk of fires within the chimney. Cold temperatures and unseasoned wood worsen the problem. Cleaning the chimney regularly by a professional sweep will help reduce the risk. Roaring and sparks from the top of the chimneys are signs of a fire. Don't store your wood too near the hearth.

Information Sources

Remember a fire can threaten suddenly and you may not receive an alert message. Rely on a range of information sources:

Be Prepared

It is everyone's responsibility to be prepared for an emergency and it's now easier than ever.

  • Complete a Bush Fire Survival Plan or your Farm FireWise Checklist and Action plan — download one now from the RFS if you don't have one www.myfireplan.com.au or contact the Burrawang Brigade Community Engagement Officer Elizabeth Ellis 0411032712
  • Talk to our Captain about having a property inspection for advice on any particular risks
  • For broader community preparation www.resiliencetoolbox.org

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